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Bellingham, Wa, 98226

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“Wow! What an experience this was! When we travel to the U.S. we will definitely go to Banfield!” --  From our client cards

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Teaching Positive Chewing Habits

Why do dogs chew? Chewing is a natural, normal behavior for dogs. Young dogs, similar to babies, explore the world with their mouths. Young dogs also experience the discomfort of teething. Pups begin to loose their baby teeth around four months of age. Adult canine teeth replace the baby teeth over a period of four […]

Your Itching, Scratching Pet

An itchy, scratching pet may be the most frustrating condition for you as a pet owner to deal with. Not only is it miserable for your poor little dog, it can also be considerably time consuming and expensive trying to figure out the underlying cause. The first step towards a diagnosing an allergy, is to […]

Banfield Bellingham, WA

Banfield Pet Hospital of Bellingham is locally owned by Drs. Giles Little and Shannon Little.

2013 team photo

The Bellingham hospital originally opened in 1994, and after a few different owners closed in 2003. Dr. Little purchased the hospital from Banfield, moved to Bellingham from Seattle and reopened it in January 2005.

Our doctors and staff offer the

following services at all three hospitals:

  • Affordable preventative care with our Optimum Wellness Plans
  • Radiographs (x-rays)
  • Surgery
  • Dental cleanings
  • In-house laboratory including fecal exams, bloodwork, urinalysis, and heartworm testing
  • Flea, tick, and heartworm preventatives

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